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Rochester Refugee

RRSR - April 2019

Brand writing, graphic design and Squarespace layout created for Rochester Refugee Sewing and Repair's upcycled accessories line. Collaboration with Michael Kelly, Principal at RRSR


"Our community is a vibrant patchwork of cultures, personalities and skillsets that work together to create something completely unique."

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Unfluffy Design

Unfluffy Design - October 2018

Self published pocket guide to the design process.


"Design thinking is the process that turns napkin sketches into revolutionary inventions, thriving businesses, and triumphant social campaigns. â€‹You can learn it in an hour or less."

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Trading Treadmills for Trails

Reporter Magazine - March 2018

The next time you feel like your exercise routine needs a breath of fresh air, consider giving it just that.

The Great Lakes: A Fragile Resource

Reporter Magazine - March 2018

The Great Lakes basin, or watershed, is home to more than 30 million American and Canadian citizens, for whom the lakes are an extraordinary resource.


Industries ranging from electricity and industrial manufacturing to recreation and tourism depend on the abundant supply of freshwater available in the region.

Dallas Spray Foam

JRomer Marketing Group - January 2019

SEO optimized website copy for a construction contractor. 3,000 words. Website design by JRomer Marketing Group.


"We stand behind spray polyurethane foam insulation (SPF) as the best choice for residential and commercial installations in the state of Texas. Here’s why."

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Fox Conservation

Freelance - September 2018

Informational brochure for a conservation services contractor.


"Fox provides professional expertise for every step of your conservation strategy, from planning through implementation and long term maintenance."

Typical kit included day packs, safety g
        Thoroughbred One

Neighbors of Andover - Sep-Oct 2018

By the time I rolled into Kentucky with team Thoroughbred One, an AmeriCorps NCCC trail crew, I was used to being exposed to new cultures all over the southeast. But Kentucky was something entirely different.


Reporter Magazine - March 2018

If you're thinking of trading your flip-flops and sunscreen for hammers and boots on your next vacation, you're not alone.


Often referred to as “voluntourism,” the practice of journeying to distant locales in order to volunteer with social impact projects has become a popular mode of travel.

Rainelle, West Virginia

Neighbors of Andover - January 2019

Article for a print-only magazine in New Jersey.


"The quiet joy pervasive in Rainelle, West Virginia that morning belied the hard-fighting spirit of the town's 1,500 residents still reeling from the effects of a flash flood that swept through the community months ago."

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     An Adventurous Year

Neighbors of Andover - June 1st 2018

Though she was clad in neon orange chaps and a scarred but bright white helmet, I could barely see my new friend through the river of stinging sweat streaming down my face. 

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Community Newsletter

Into the ROC - April 2018

Way back on March 24th, Kathryn, Megan and Dan took two vanloads of students to join the Flower City Pickers at the Public Market.


Students got a taste of perhaps the biggest cultural and demographic melting pot in Rochester focused around locally grown and cooked food.

The High Desert

Westward Bound (Blog) - June 2018

Juniper spice and pinyon. A tree whose bark smells like vanilla and sugar warming in the sun. Scents mixed on a dry desert breeze suddenly bring a world I’d read about to life.