Design thinking is the process that turns napkin sketches into revolutionary inventions, thriving businesses, and triumphant social campaigns.


You can learn it in an hour or less.

Full Color Print Replica PDF - 70 pages
Author: Dan Grinthal
Publisher: Unfluffy Design
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Unfluffy Design: A lightning fast guide to the design process​

Design Thinking is a wonderfully fun tool for breaking big challenges into bite-size pieces. 

Unfortunately, most explanations of how it works come wrapped in confusing fluff, like philosophy, case studies or technical jargon.

This book is different.

It delivers the same creative problem solving process used by world-class doers and thinkers - without the baggage.

Inside you'll find only a repeatable system of action that will help you break down just about any complex challenge. Oh, and just enough, um, fluffy humor to keep you from bursting into tears of boredom for the next sixty minutes.

Shall we begin?