I use an on-demand printer, which is a service that creates single copies of the book as they are ordered and ships them directly to the purchaser.


That means your copy is just a gleam in your eye until you place an order and call it into existence! Pretty wild.


You should receive your book within 15-20 days after ordering. Expedited production and priority mail shipping (delivery in 9-13 days) is available for $11.99 from the printer, Lulu xPress.


Thank you so much for supporting this dream!



6x9 Paperback, 200 Pages

  • Where the Stones Touch the Sky

    One sunny day in early June, sensitive Ben Nelson and brash Tyler Fox ditch their predictable futures in a struggling city and set out to explore the American West.

    The road to summer freedom runs from abandoned urban haunts to the jazz clubs of New Orleans; from the deep forests of Kentucky to the enchanted deserts of New Mexico; and from tiny factory towns to the Rocky Mountain plains—all peopled by a cast of drifters, revelers and wilderness-dwellers who have chosen a life far off the beaten path.

    ISBN: 978-0-578-64792-0
    Paperback, matte laminate finish
    38000 words
    200 pages
    6x9 inches

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