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Greenstone Valley, New Zealand

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About Dan Grinthal

I'm a traveler, builder, and entrepreneur. I believe God calls all of us to live an adventurous life, and I'm after mine every day. 


I love writing about the unusual projects, remarkable people, and breathtaking places that are the backdrop of my own journey, and I'm happy to share them with you.

The conversations I get to have with the people who follow my newsletter make my life better; their perspective makes me a richer man.

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Tales told.

Moab, Utah


Where the Stones Touch the Sky

An adventure novel inspired by years of offbeat travel.

Adventures in Service Podcast

Cool people going awesome places to do great things.

A Life No One Could Touch

A short story based on the question: "What would you do if the lights went out tonight and never came back?"

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Messes made.


Green Valley Upcycling

A team of craftsmen, gardeners and entrepreneurs making the world a brighter place.

Self Publishing

40 states. 3 years. 1 book. The story of my first novel.

Cob Construction

Building with the oldest materials know to man.

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